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DIY Nut Butter Recipes and Tutorial Including Homemade Nutella from Tasty Yummies. This is the best and most detailed tutorial I have ever seen for making nut butters (including Nutella). I also just saw the worst DIY nut butters on another site that will make people cry if they try it.

This tutorial includes soaking and then dehydrating the nuts before blending them. These should last for several weeks in a covered glass jar in the fridge, but you can freeze them up to 4 months. There are recipes and tutorials for:

  • Basic Nut Butters
  • Raw Cashew Butter
  • Spiced Maple Pecan Butter
  • Homemade Vegan Nutella
  • Sunflower Seed Butter


For his Ice Bucket Challenge, Matt Damon dumped toilet water on his head 

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has clogged our newsfeeds for weeks and inspired some vehement debate about its effectiveness and ethicality in the process. Does this awareness campaign really achieve anything? With a massive drought in California, why are Californians dumping water on their heads? And, more globally, how are Westerners so OK with wasting this much water when many people around the world don’t have access to a clean bucketful of water to begin with? Matt Damon tackled this last question head-on with his Ice Bucket Challenge video, using toilet water to raise an incredibly important issue: water scarcity. 

Watch his powerful message | Follow micdotcom

I’m not interested in trying to make a single person think the way I do, anymore. What a silly thing. But, I will put forth this food for thought: people are complex mish-mashes of positive and negative, for the most part. The real enemy, to my mind, is Facebook, who’s already copped to singling out negative posts and presenting them to you with the expressed intent of pissing you off and having you subsequently post more negativity. Why is this done? Because rage is a drug, like any other. You get a little endorphin rush every time you get pissed. They have crowdsourced a stimulant, using algorithms instead of chemistry. When faceless corporations have commodified my rage, my rebellion will be relentless positivity. I will choose to be happy and sane in spite of everything. I will focus on what I can control. I will donate money to the causes I believe in and help in what little way I can. But now I refuse to be angry on the internet, because every time I do that an ant crawls out of my virtual mouth and joins the horde already stacking and forming into something like an entity, the iboga tree man’s evil twin, not here to rid you of an addiction to a substance but rather to create an addiction where there is no substance whatsoever.
J. David Osborne (via thatlitsite)
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